BAM Constructions ProcessWe encourage our clients to discuss their building plans with us from the concept stage. This allows us to provide feedback on the project costings and identify any solutions that can assist with this.

Here at BAM, we don’t just focus on the building… we also like to help our clients’ ideas evolve in regards to the material selections, spatial planning and incorporating any specific requirements our clients may have.

Ben Mathews will initially provide clients with preliminary costings to ensure that the works are within budget. From here, a detailed quote is provided for our clients. Building works can be completed either on fixed cost contract or a cost plus basis. Ben will recommend which option will be more feasible for the project.

Prior to any building works being commenced, our clients are provided with a contract from the Housing Institute of Australia (HIA). At this time, a timeline of the works is provided which outlines the payment schedule.

Then it is time for our clients to watch their dreams become reality!